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Free Lecture (July 1st, 2007)

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to our open house free lecture. The purpose of this free lecture is to let more friends to learn about/ to personally experience and to benefit from our chi field.

Today’s Agenda

1. Establish a chi field (Experience our chi field)

2. Receive Master Liu’s Spiritual Transmission (Special Recording)

3. The difference between our teachings and other ZQ teachings

4. Lead Group Practice Live – Special Recording + The Healing Melody

5. Today’s Chinese

How to receive chi:

There are many new friends attending our class today, we will show you how to receive chi. Sit upright on a chair or a sofa naturally or with crossed legs (Yoga practitioner’s lotus feet), arch in Mingmen (the opposite acu-point of the belly button), lift up Baihui, tuck in the chin. Put the hands naturally on the legs, palms facing down for those who have a higher blood pressure, palms facing up for those who have a lower blood pressure. For others, you can hold the hands in whatever postures you like such as the Hun Yuan Ling Tong Fist or other hand postures, whatever you feel comfortable.

How to introspect (visualize within) :

This recording has no words, no instructions, just music empowered by Master Liu’s spiritual transmission. When you listen to it, focus your attention within into the middle Dantian for the female (from the mid-point of the nipples, deep inside closer to the spine), lower Dantians for the male (from the belly-button deep inside, closer to the spine). Be relaxed, quiet and tranquil, humble and reverent. No matter what you feel, what you hear or what you see within, justcalmly observe and experience it, no promotion, no pushing is allowed.

Established the chi field, played the recording. Class typed in sensations.

The difference between our teachings and other ZQ teachings

a. Our Field is more like an Energy Field than a chi field. It is a Tao field. When you are in this field, you feel the warmth or heat like sunshine, you feel the power and energy penetrating into your body. This is because Master Liu inherited the power and energy from our grandmaster of a secret Tibetan lineage, the power accumulated and enhanced by enlightened grandmasters generation after generation over thousands of years. (Felix has the deepest sensations regarding the heat). Since Master Liu has followed nine grandmasters, the successions and power he inherited and received were various. One of our grandmasters is a Living Buddha with thousand-petal-golden-lotus, that’s why Orea got her lotus. The spiral energy cones Sara, Barry and Yolande experienced were all the manifestations of Master Liu’s energy succession. Shelly’s body/cell experience is also one of them.

b. Our website, forum and chat-room are filled with Master Liu’s powerful spiritual transmission, while the previous ZQ field was filled with Prof. Pang’s information, little energy or spiritual transmission was added. Prof. Pang passed down information/message only, while Master Liu imparted not only the message/information but also the power and energy.

c. In our field, diverse levels of information and energy have been mingled together, not only from Master Liu himself, but also from his disciple team with opened up Dantians, mysterious apertures, loosened up lower backs, the central meridians or even enlightened consciousness.

d. We focus on conserving the true chi, cultivating the internal organic chi, not to consume chi into limb or body activities so we have a chi reservoir within our body to support our life activities.

e. We request our students to positively perform self-restriction and self-cultivation, discard all bad habits, to become kind-hearted, willing to help others and selfless. Once our hearts are purified, we are qualified to receive the genuine succession of the Mantra from Master Liu with incredible energy and power.

f. In our field, there is information for sudden realization, so we have to be humble and grateful.

g. We will systematically study Prof. Pang’s Hun Yuan Entirety Theory and the Essences of Zhineng Qigong Sciences. There is no other English Class going into such details.

h. We will study Master Liu’s modern theories regarding self-cultivation and self-realization. Again, no other class in English has direct access to all these information.

i. It is my three-year promise and mission to share all these with my English-speaking friends. Three years only. I will fulfil other duties in three years. Please value and treasure this opportunity. If we say the soul is eternal and imperishable, I’d say it is such an opportunity a soul might have waited for a thousand years.

Today’s Chinese

a. Ji Bing – illness, diseases

b. Xiao Chu, Xiao San – dispel, disappear.

Feedbacks and comments from participants:

CharlesP: a smooth field I felt.

Kian: I can feel strong qi in lower Dantian.

Orea: yes, feels wonderful.

Toenum: pulsating circular feeling.


Savarna: well I felt warm.

Guian: yes I also feel warm in Dantian.

Orea: wow. I just lost every barrier between myself and the Universe.

Barry: very much at peace.

CharlesP: very quiet.

Guian: Fresh QI in Dantian.

Felix: tinglings at Yintang.

Blythej: Bei Hui opening/closing, then great tingling, heat, bilging upward, then blossoming open, spinning slowly, waves of heat up and down through body.

Toenum: I felt the circular feeling almost at the very beginning of the music and the circular feeling changes direction during the 2 music sessions.

Viewer_49: I felt warm in Diantian.

Cathyc: felt very at peace and part of the universe.