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Excerpts from Graduates' Papers


The first Three-year Advanced Training class just celebrated their graduation in San Diego Retreat. It has been an incredible experience for everyone, both the teacher and the students, to share, to learn and to enjoy hundreds of hours together both on-line and off-line. Learn more from the excerpts of their papers below.

Excerpts From Charlie Girth's Paper


I can honestly say that if it were not for Jane Jin and her thorough knowledge, deep sincerity and selfless devotion to Zhening Qigong that I would not have continued with this course. Her ability to translate complicated discourses and make them easily understandable, plus giving us precise instruction in the nuance of the practice techniques, makes her about the best instructor I've ever had.

And without Shelly Benford's efforts to transcribe, edit and refine the English lectures, I wouldn't have been able to keep up. Shelly is the perfect classmate, always willing to share and assist everyone. If Jane had gone into retreat I would have continued with Shelly as our group leader. I admire them both greatly and I consider it a great gift to have them as instructors and friends.

With that being said, and rightfully so, let me begin with my personal overview and assessment of this class. Even with having supreme knowledge and assistance brought to me on a silver platter, and at a price I could easily afford, I have had difficulty maintaining a consistent practice schedule. I've had fits and spurts of good practice sessions and then my schedule goes haywire with the daily disruptions we all face. I'll recover, regain balance and begin again......Click below to learn more.

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Excerpts From Martha Blane's Paper


......During our online class, through your kind and flexible teaching, the process of a qigong practice began to formulate in my mind. I have outlined it as follows and have shared this with my students as another way of putting the practice in context of one’s life and to give encouragement for the path ahead. It seems to help with understanding the potential mystery of a qigong journey. It has helped me in providing a more stable foundation for myself and my students.

Back to the Beginning: A Fundamental Qigong Journey . . . Where the mind goes, qi follows . . .

  Turning point - Once a person makes the decision to begin practicing QG the healing processes are set in motion—the desire for change towards wellness has begun, the healing power of the mind is engaged, and living a more conscious life begins. However, the practitioner is often unaware of the many aspects of life that will improve with QG practice.

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Excerpts From Skip Sloan's Paper


Dear Jane,

You have asked us to write a paper on Zhineng Qigong (ZQ). After making several unsuccessful attempts to do so, I have decided to write to you in a less formal letter style instead. In this letter, I will try to briefly make the case that the practice of ZQ at all levels provides strong techniques for achieving awakening or enlightenment. The forms also provide a format in which advanced tantric practices may be easily integrated to further strengthen their power. I will end the letter with some comments and observations concerning my view of ZQ after two and a half years of practice......

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Excerpts from Fay Mcgrew's Paper


Summary of 3 year on-line class

Fay McGrew

I was lost 3 years ago, stagnating following another teacher in every way, when Shelly encouraged me to take your on-line class and experience in her words ‘these amazing breathing exercises”.

Trained in a classical system of Qigong based on School of Complete Perfection, Zhineng Qigong was missing breathing exercises both in practice and as a teaching vehicle to deepen awareness of Qi. I immediately felt nurtured in ZBE. It maintained the huge progression I had in 2007 at the month retreat in China – my third eye opened – I could see inside my body, my Dan Tien connected, I felt my Chi get stronger.

I also felt so comfortable studying with you, Jane, a truly humble person, and a woman teacher for a role model. The lectures presented Dr. Pang’s theories in a digestible way; the one hour format , simultaneously being transcribed (thanks Shelly) with time for questions, week by week, over 2 years. We could also clarify interpretations we heard from other teachers.

When you announced you were ending teaching to go into the retreat with M. Liu for 7 years, there were 3 months I thought of quitting the class, but was renewed when we started to focus on Master Liu’s teachings. I studied the Qigong classics and was getting so frustrated with Dr. Pang in scientific language present what I learned in the beauty of Daoist poetry, so I am interested in M. Liu’s translation of the wisdom texts.

 I wish we could start Daoist first with the Dao de Jing, Diamond Sutra, than the BG…. I took a 3 years class on the Diamond Sutra in my Zen Buddhist priest training and look forward to his/your teaching of it. I also studied the BG on my own, and of course read the Dao de Jing many times with different translations illuminating new aspects of Laozi classic.

I so much agree based on my experience teaching hundreds of people Zhineng Qigong, some facing life and death situations, with how M. Liu and you, Jane approach the ZQ system, and I see great progression in my students.

I love the group practice on-line, continue with that, and of course the retreats. This last retreat presented a great revelation during the fast, to live off the chi, was quite profound. I have been meditating on forgiveness as well which is helping me work through pain of betrayal......

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