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ALQIC Table Of All Training Programs
Availability In Retreats only  Flexible Private Session  Flexible Private Session  Flexible Private Session

 In Retreats only

 Duration   Flexible  Flexible   Flexible
 Program  E - Wisdom Talks  C - Awakening Vitality Meditation  A - Distance Healing Meditation  B - Breathing Meditation  D - Dantian & Chakra Meditation
 Recommended for  All levels  All levels  All levels  All levels Intermediate & Advanced
  • Learn the truth of self-healing
  • Learn the theory of qigong practice
  • Learn the wisdom from contemporary enlightened masters
  • Learn the wisdom from ancient sages and masters
  • Learn More



  •  Enhance the vital energy centers
  •  Balance the five elements
  •  Activate vitality
  •  Manage emotions
  •  Enjoy peace of mind
  •  Store energy for self-healing
  •  Learn More
  •  Receive energy, clear blockages, dispel ailments
  •  Relax in body and mind
  •  Relieve stress
  •  Relieve fatigue
  •  Relieve pain
  •  Improve sleep
  • Stronger group energy field
  • Enhanced and deepened meditation
  • Learn More
  • Learn the most powerful & unique Breathing Exercise
  • Cultivate internal energy
  • Balance Yin & Yang
  • Resonate the three Dantians
  • Massage the five internal organs
  • Ignite the Dantian fire
  • Promote micro-circulation of blood and qi
  • Learn More
  • Activate the Dantians
  • Activate each chakra
  • Open up the central meridians
  • Lay a solid foundation for advancement
  • Promote longevity
  • Enhance core body purification
  • Renew life
  • Learn More

Enroll here to experience the difference - wisdom and power you won't find anywhere else!