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Excerpts from Fay Mcgrew's Paper


Summary 3 year on-line class

Fay McGrew

I was lost 3 years ago, stagnating following another teacher in every way, when Shelly encouraged me to take your on-line class and experience in her words ‘these amazing breathing exercises”.

Trained in a classical system of Qigong based on School of Complete Perfection, Zhineng Qigong was missing breathing exercises both in practice and as a teaching vehicle to deepen awareness of Qi. I immediately felt nurtured in ZBE. It maintained the huge progression I had in 2007 at the month retreat in China – my third eye opened – I could see inside my body, my Dan Tien connected, I felt my Chi get stronger.

I also felt so comfortable studying with you, Jane, a truly humble person, and a woman teacher for a role model. The lectures presented Dr. Pang’s theories in a digestible way; the one hour format , simultaneously being transcribed (thanks Shelly) with time for questions, week by week, over 2 years. We could also clarify interpretations we heard from other teachers.

When you announced you were ending teaching to go into the retreat with M. Liu for 7 years, there were 3 months I thought of quitting the class, but was renewed when we started to focus on Master Liu’s teachings. I studied the Qigong classics and was getting so frustrated with Dr. Pang in scientific language present what I learned in the beauty of Daoist poetry,

so I am interested in M. Liu’s translation of the wisdom texts. I wish we could start Daoist first with the Dao de Jing, Diamond Sutra, than the BG…. I took a 3 years class on the Diamond Sutra in my Zen Buddhist priest training and look forward to his/your teaching of it. I also studied the BG on my own, and of course read the Dao de Jing many times with different translations illuminating new aspects of Laozi classic.

I so much agree based on my experience teaching hundreds of people Zhineng Qigong, some facing life and death situations, with how M. Liu and you, Jane approach the ZQ system, and I see great progression in my students. I love the group practice on-line, continue with that, and of course the retreats.

This last retreat presented a great revelation during the fast, to live off the chi, was quite profound. I have been meditating on forgiveness as well which is helping me work through pain of betrayal. I deeply appreciate your teaching me how to energetically connect all my classes together, so I have an energetic workshop experience each day rather than truncated due to the limited time each class is.

The 3 hour practice CD I see as a way to progress even more, and I am setting my intention to change my schedule around to do that regularly; even had a dream about it last night. Also need to change schedule for special classes for those students who took your workshops & retreats, so I can help them progress with what you taught them… as we all develop together.

Having a teacher is important to me for my development, but also for my students to be exposed to. I so much appreciate how you support me as a teacher, continuing to acknowledge my role with my students as they study with you.

I offer stability and consistency to my students, so during the time you were ending teaching; I had to think about whom else to work with. This was the major reason I was debating to drop out of your class. I kept my students apprised of your situation, so it was a rollercoaster ride for all of us with the past several months of change, and now it seems you will be available for at least the next 5 years and this is good.

My first Qigong master made an indelible impression on me to equally evaluate what a person does and how they live their life –their relationship with their family, in other words to live the practice not just do the practice. It has been every useful guide. So I look to my teachers as a role model.

When first starting your on-line class......your direct, knowledgeable and humble approach so refreshing...... Watching your transformation living in the retreat was a remarkable experience......So here you are, where we all started...... You look so happy, energized, and fulfilled with your robust teaching and travel schedule. Utilizing this time to translate M. Liu’s books in English is a great contribution...... I realize your discovery of Master Liu’s teachings is your true vehicle to attain fulfillment, oneness, and enlightenment, so powerful to make these huge changes in your life, so I support you......