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Zhineng Qigong - Breathing Meditation


Breathing Exercise was listed as one of the four essential techniques in Zhineng Qigong practice by Dr. Ming Pang. The four essences are as follows: 

  • Cultivate the mind and hold the ethics, this is the fundamental basis of ZQ practice. 
  • Apply correct consciousness on one’s own initiative, this is the key secret of ZQ practice. 
  • Stretch the body with forms of movements to keep the mind focused. 
  • Adjust and control breathing to open-up the Dantians and meridians.

Although Dr. Pang did not create his own Zhineng Qigong Breathing Exercise, he introduced a group of traditional breathing control methods in his Advanced Teacher’s Training Classes.

Master Zhankui Liu compiled and created a very simple but highly effective Breathing Exercise based on the Hunyuan pithy Formula passed down from Dr. Pang. When this Breathing Exercise is integrated with the Head Massage Method which is also compiled and created by Master Zhankui Liu, the effectiveness is incredible.

Through the practice of this unique Breathing Exercise, many shortcomings of improper Zhineng Qigong practice can be overcome. Such as: 

  • Over-consumed internal energy
  • The weaker the practitioner becomes the more ZQ he practices
  • Stronger limbs but weak internal organs
  • Dispersed physical chi
  • No sensations in Dantians
  • No sensations in Central Meridians
  • Ineffectiveness for chronic ailments after years of diligent ZQ practice
  • Slow or no obvious advancement

Our on-line Breathing Exercise class is designed for people with or without qigong experiences to master this simple, safe, unique and highly effective technique to restore health quickly, cultivate and preserve internal energy, open up the energy centers and even the central meridians and channels to speed up advancement.

  • The unique features of our on-line class are as follows: 
  • Unsurpassed spiritual energy transmission from Master Liu and his disciple group 
  • Live lead practice with a well-trained teacher and a group of global practitioners 
  • One-to-one tutoring sessions available once enrolled 
  • Stable and stronger energy field with fixed time and location 
  • Live QA and on-going email coaching

Learn the testimonials from some of the participants:

Marc (Montreal) wrote: I often feel a pressure on the "third eye".

Eric (Belgium) wrote: the head massage is warming the whole body.

Joachim (Germany) wrote: Thank you Jane for this intensive class. Sometimes it’s like the whole body is breathing...!

Reyna (San Diego) wrote: good, feeling head massage a lot more pressure especially in my eyes, the right eye. My lungs are doing much better. My index finger meridian was activated, and I felt interesting itch at tips of fingers and points in the head.

More testimonials!

Enroll now to learn the life-changing exercises!

Value Package for only $99.95! It includes:

  • One hour private tutorial session with Dr.Jane Jin to learn the Breathing Exercise and Head Massage Exercise.
  • Combo Videos of Four with Master Liu demonstrating the exercises (in Chinese).
  • Combo CDs of Four Breathing Exercise with duration of  15, 30, 45 and 76 minutes, respectively (in English).
  • Written Practice Instructions in English for the Breathing Exercise and Head Massage Forms.

If you are unable to enroll our training programs, maybe you’d like to try our special and unique CDs and DVDs.