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Zhineng Qigong - Awakening Vitality Meditation

Some experienced qigong practitioners complain that the more they practice qigong, the more impatient they become and easier to get mad with other people. Other practitioners complain that they feel good and comfortable when they practice qigong, but they will feel weak and uncomfortable if they stop qigong practice.

These unpleasant experiences are all caused by ignoring the balance of chi in the five internal organs and improper ratio between stretching forms and internal energy cultivation meditation. Both are signs of weakened vitality.

Chi imbalance in the five internal organs will result in various emotional, mental and psychological sufferings such as stress, depression, bad sleep, bad temper, etc. Longer imbalance of chi and blood in the five internal organs may cause organic diseases.

If a qigong practitioner practices physical stretching forms too much and ignores to cultivate internal energy through standing or sitting meditation, he may suffer weakness due to insufficient energy in the middle and lower dantians. The more stretching forms he practices, the weaker he will become in the internal organs due to over-consumption of internal energy through limb-stretching.

Our Awakening Vitality Meditation Class is designed for people who want to balance chi and blood in their internal organs, open up their Dantians with the help of our powerful energy field through Master Zhankui Liu’s spiritual transmission. Practitioners with or without meditation experiences are all welcome.

The unique benefits and features of our Awakening Vitality Meditation Class are as follows: 

  • Relieve fatigue, stress and depression
  • Dispel unpleasant emotions and improve sleep 
  • Enhance the functions of internal organs 
  • Speed up healing of organic diseases 
  • Help to open up and enhance the middle and lower Dantians 
  • Activate and enhance life vitality 
  • Speed up advancement in qigong practice 
  • Unsurpassed spiritual energy transmission from Master Liu and his disciple group 
  • Live lead practice with a well-trained teacher and a group of global practitioners 
  • One-to-one tutoring sessions available once enrolled 
  • Stable and stronger energy field with fixed time and location 
  • Live QA and on-going email coaching

Learn the testimonials from some of the participants:

Janet(US)wrote: it was wonderful!

Sandra (US) wrote: Better able to stay focused.

Joachim (Germany) wrote: Warmth everywhere and a very calm and still mind...wonderful!

Suzanne (US) wrote: it was a good session! Last week, I was really energized in the week.

Martha (US) wrote: Very strong movement of energy. Thank you Jane!

Enroll to experience the difference!

If you are unable to enroll our training programs, maybe you’d like to try our special and unique CDs and DVDs.