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Zhineng Qigong - Chakra Meditation


It is well known that almost all the traditional groups with ancient roots cultivate central meridians and chakras to develop super wisdom, promote incredible longevity and initiate renewal of life. Seven-chakra meditation is very popular in Yoga.

Dr. Pang did not teach specific central meridian cultivation methods before he retired even though he drew a rough blue print of central meridian cultivation for Zhineng Qigong practitioners.

Master Zhankui Liu created his own method to cultivate central meridians through nine chakras. The locations of these chakras are slightly different from other styles. With the help of Master Zhankui Liu’s unsurpassed spiritual transmission in our special and unique energy field of our training classes, many miracles took place among the students with openings in chakras, central meridians, thousand-petal lotus, etc.

Our Chakra Meditation training is designed for experienced practitioners with openings at least in two of the Dantians. Advanced practitioners in other styles are also welcome to enhance and uplift their practice.

The unique benefits and features of our Chakra Meditation training are as follows: 

  • Enhance, open up and unify energy centers, chakras and central meridians 
  • Speed up healing with spinal energy 
  • Activate and enhance life vitality to promote longevity 
  • Develop spiritual intelligence and wisdom 
  • Speed up advancement 
  • Unsurpassed spiritual energy transmission from Master Liu and his disciple group 
  • Live lead practice with a well-trained teacher and a group of global practitioners 
  • One-to-one tutoring sessions available once enrolled 
  • Stable and stronger energy field with fixed time and location 
  • Live QA and on-going email coaching

Learn the testimonials from some of the participants:

Cynthia (San Diego) wrote: very deep practice, very relaxing. Thanks Jane.

Fay (San Dieo) wrote: deep Lower Dantian, beautiful practice today.

Joachim (Germany) wrote: Warmth and sweat...and calm and relaxed.

Annie (Ireland) recorded her experiences in great details after each session:

Nov.13th, 2010:

As soon as we began the meditation, I felt as if my physical body was being plugged into a high voltage chi generator! I felt a distinct horizontal vortex of energy opening in my Middle Dantian or Hunyuan Place. Felt an opening in my Lower Dantian when we focused on Lower Dantian, Guan Yuan chakra and Hui Yin chakra. I could feel an energy voltage increase again.

Then I felt like a column of LIGHT extend from Hui Yin up to my Crown chakra and felt this energy continue to spiral down and form like a spiral of horizontal BANDS OF LIGHT COLUMNS all down my body from my Crown to Hui Yin chakra.

Then when we focused on YC, I felt as if this newly formed band of LIGHT began to disperse and was being vacuumed into the tiniest point in my Diamond Meridian in my Lower Dantian for conservation. Very powerful experience!

Nov.20th, 2010:

Thank you for the wonderful Chakra meditation class. I have noticed that during these particular sessions the energy in my physical body is noticeably tangible and feels as if it is undergoing huge shifts and transformations.

AS soon as the meditation began, I could feel the intensity of the chi surge flood throughout my body. As we focused on Upper Dantian, I felt like a horizontal band of LIGHT spiral continuously throughout this section of the meditation.

Unfortunately I lost my internet connection but did continue with the meditation, but the intensity of the physical sensations decreased noticeably when I lost the internet signal.

Dec.4th, 2010:

Very powerful physical sensations. As we began the meditation practice, I felt as if there were enormous changes occurring in my physical body. I began to visualize a pin point of LIGHT in my Crown chakra. This image began to alter and expanded and formed a larger sphere of Light (Now approximately about the size of a golf ball).

Brain Centre: Visualized a pin point of LIGHT again. This transformed into a hologram and then I began to visualize holograms within holograms to a micro zi level.

Throat Chakra: Sensing / feeling for 12 bones staircase, but this is very very brief. Then I began to feel my golden chakra move and circulate, as if beaming out LIGHT in all directions, like a searchlight. Began to visualize my Treble Clef Symbol (TCS) and I began to visualize the 3 Golden Chakra Spheres rotate and travel up through the TCS and circulate throughout the surrounding spiral of LIGHT cocooning the TCS.

Middle Dantian: Again visualized beam of LIGHT. Then I dozed off and lost consciousness for a while. As we began to focus on Guan Yuan Chakra 'I returned'! Again I became aware of huge shifts occurring once again in my physical body. This was brief.

When we focused on Hui Yin, I felt like an EXPLOSION of energy rising upward in my physical body creating openings inwards into my innermost Diamond Meridian. Now for a few moments there was a DISTINCT feeling of OPENNESS running through this channel. Then this was followed, shortly afterwards, by a sensation/feeling/ visualization of my 9 Golden Chakras being 'realigned'.

Please attend our retreats to experience the difference. Or maybe you’d like to try our special and unique CDs and audio DVDs.